Lift It Rentals Executives Invited to Present at Deloitte Private’s Entrepreneur Summit in Dallas, TX for the Second Consecutive Year

Lift It Rentals, LLC, a Charlotte, NC based company announced that the top executives had been invited to attend the 2019 Entrepreneur Summit presented by Deloitte Private for the second consecutive year. This was held on November 7, 2019 in Dallas, TX. Founder, Paul Adkison and President, Scott Diggs attended this annual event of over 1000 attendees, meeting with investor groups, senior-level executives, business owners and industry professionals.

During the two day event, Paul Adkison and Scott Diggs presented the ongoing growth of Lift It Rentals and the continued success to a select group of attendees, including investors, banks and private equity firms. “It is always an honor to be invited to the summit and this year was no exception. Lift It Rentals is continuing to develop a strong relationship with Deloitte and the ability to present our plan to its top-tier clients is an honor for our company and executives,” said Lift It Rentals’ Founder, Paul Adkison. “We look forward to continuing discussions with those we met and fostering stronger relations with our partners at Deloitte in the upcoming year.