Lift It Rentals’ Paul Adkison & Scott Diggs Invited to Present at Entrepreneur Summit Presented by Deloitte Private

Charlotte, NC – January 15, 2019 – Charlotte, NC Based Lift It Rentals, LLC announced that it had successfully participated in Deloitte Private’s Entrepreneurial Summit held at The Omni Hotel in Frisco, TX. The Entrepreneur Summit presented by Deloitte Private, is an annual event hosted by Deloitte of over 1000 entrepreneurs, investors and senior-level executives and is by invitation only.

During the two-day event Founder, Paul Adkison and President, Scott Diggs presented the Lift IT Rentals Model to over 20 prospective investors, banks and equity firms. “It was a successful event for Lift It Rentals,” states Founder, Paul Adkison. “We were able to present our model to additional investors and equity firms from all over the United States at the event which will help propel our business forward. We had very good discussions and we’re excited about taking our discussions to the next level with some of these firms.”

The event featured 250 entrepreneurs, 200 of the world’s leading investor groups, representing more than $4 trillion of assets under management from 22 different countries. “Representing Lift It Rentals and our philosophy and business model at the event was a great opportunity to be in front of some of the world’s largest investors and entrepreneurs. Deloitte Private put on an amazing event and we were able to rub shoulders with hundreds of other like-minded professionals to help drive our business forward,” stated Scott Diggs, president of Lift iT Rentals.