David P. Cosper

Board of Advisors

Before retiring in 2013, Mr. Cosper was the Vice Chairman and CFO at Sonic Automotive, Inc., a position he held for seven years.  Dave played a key role in the oversight responsibility for all financial matters for the Company, as well as a key leadership role in the execution of its strategic initiatives.

Mr. Cosper served on the Board and on the Audit Committee of Dealer Tire for nine years.  Dealer Tire is a $1.5+ billion revenue tire distributor for dealerships throughout the US and Canada.

Prior to joining Sonic, Mr. Cosper enjoyed a career with Ford Credit and Ford Motor Company that spanned 26 years.  In his most recent capacity as Vice Chairman and CFO of Ford Credit, Mr. Cosper was responsible for all financial matters for the Company, as well as risk management and public affairs.

Mr. Cosper holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a MBA in Finance from Michigan State University.

In addition to serving on the Lift It Rentals Advisory Board, Mr. Cosper also serves as Chair of the Company’s Audit Committee.